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At Tlalli Alimentos we strive to provide natural products of the highest quality, establishing a solid network of producers committed to the principles of fair trade, sustainability and harmony with nature. We are part of the community of Chan Ká Vergel, a forestry and agricultural farm that is dedicated to the production of a wide variety of foods using organic practices, while promoting various support projects for the local community.

Producer network


Raw Organic 



Our honey comes specifically from the Miel Chan Kaab project, aimed at the production of organic raw honey in the Yucatan Peninsula, the main producing area of the country, with honeys from Dzidzilché, Kanchunup and Tajonal. These honeys, known for their intense caramelized floral aroma, persistent flavor, dark amber color and 18% humidity, are considered to be of the highest quality internationally, which is why they are mostly destined for export, which makes them Obtaining them in the central area of Mexico is not so easy.

The texture of our honey, during the first weeks after harvesting, is ideal for using in smoothies, dressings and/or pouring directly over fruit and other foods. Thanks to the crystallization process, it preserves its nutrients for a long time and in this solid state there are those who prefer it to spread directly on bread.


The chain of intermediaries, from production to the final sale of honey, considerably increases its price. Some of these intermediaries not only add excessive value to the product, but also exert pressure to pay the minimum possible to the producer, which results in the low profitability of the activity and, as a consequence, the abandonment of beekeeping in certain regions, generating a negative ecological impact. We are 100% committed to supporting the network of producers, avoiding adding additional value that makes the product more expensive. Thanks to this policy, we can offer a more equitable payment to the producer and a fairer price to the final consumer, thus promoting more responsible consumption.

Container and bulk

We join the concept of 'zero waste', which means that we seek to generate the least possible impact in the use of packaging and labeling. We offer you the following options:


  • Honey in glass containers that you can reuse as many times as you want.

  • Honey in returnable glass containers that you can return to authorized stores.

  • Bulk honey. Bring your own container and pay per gram for the amount of honey that fits in your container. This option is only available in stores that have authorized packaging equipment.


Crystallization is an absolutely natural process of honey, and that does not mean deterioration, lower quality or loss of its nutritional properties; On the contrary, it is a guarantee that it has NOT been heat treated and that it maintains its natural characteristics. For this reason, it is wrong to think that crystallized honey is old honey and/or adulterated with artificial sugars.

Honey tends to crystallize more or less depending on its composition of natural sugars and amount of water. Additionally, the rate of crystal formation depends on other factors, such as temperature.

At Tlalli Foods we are happy to contribute to the preservation of the authenticity and quality of food, guaranteeing our customers the unique experience of flavors and aromas that only carefully selected and sustainably produced products can offer.

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